Living in England

… just temporarily, evidentially.   🙂    The flight went well, and 12 hours (4 of them in the airport) seemed to pass quickly.   Well, except for the 4 hours in the airport.

Border control was interesting, but I was prepared.   Thanks to Ian.

You’re travelling alone?  Yes

The purpose for your visit?   Holiday

Do you have family here?   No, just friends

Is there a reason you’re here now, rather than any other time?  No, just holiday from work

What do you do for a living?   Technical support; I run a help desk

For anyone in particular?  Yes, (my company’s name)

How much money do you have with you?   xxx pounds and some credit cards

How are you leaving the airport today?    A friend is picking me up

[stamps passport]

“Enjoy your holiday in the UK”

Where then I lollygagged getting my luggage, took a long-needed bathroom break and went to find the lovely man in the Spider Pig shirt.

Last night, moroccan chicken… to die for.   And lots of sangria.


6 thoughts on “Living in England

  1. Silverback

    Always good to hear what others have to go through to get into OUR country.

    My immigration experience at Miami on Thursday was the best ever so maybe my Homeland Security file is back to normal now ! Hope you have a great visit with Gem today.


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