Day 3: Meeting Gem and Fletch

So, back to the bouncy, happy woman.   We shall call her “Jane”.   Or, you could call her my sister, since she seems to be every bit of what I’ve always said she is:  My sister.     Upon arrival at their lovely flat, we met Fletch, who was exactly who I imagined he’d be, as well (funny how this Internet thing works, innit?)

We talked for awhile, then headed to a nice local pub for Leffe.    Leffe.    What can I say?   Leffe goes down smooth.   It goes down smooth x4.   The light german beer inbetween just makes you want more Leffe.

Can you say “toasted”?   I thought you could!

After too many Leffe’s and some pistachios and cashews, we went to an Indian curry house, where I asked Ian to order for me (lamb bhuna) and then Jane and I attempted to use the ladies room.    I could not walk a straight line at this point, or stop laughing.   I washed my hands and attempted to use the hand dryer, which we could not figure out.    Finally, Jane got it working, so I used it for .. oh… 2 seconds, and was ready to go.

After dinner, Jane and I walked back in the rain whilst the guys picked up snacks.    Somehow, I ended up drinking a glass of wine, got a headache and decided that Leffe was not good for me, to the extent that  I have sworn off Leffe.  Although I will always remember it’s very smooth taste.   Good Belgian beer.   🙂

In the morning, I made pancakes, after the guys went out for supplies and Jane made us coffee.     What is

fun about British households is that coffee and tea always seem to be readily available.   At home, I can go ages without drinking a thing, but we were always picking between coffee and tea.

Anyway, the pancakes seemed to live up to expectations.

After awhile, we headed off to Cambridge, for a tour of the city.   The city was amazing, full of students returning to school and people wandering through shops and coffee houses.    The architecture was ancient, by American standards, the company was wonderful and I think I can safely say we all had a great time.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Meeting Gem and Fletch

  1. gemmak

    Sisters…. are cool :o))

    Leffe….. I can say toasted! ;o)

    Straight lines…who needs em!

    Hand dryer….hilarious!



    Weekend….fabulous…come back NOW! ;o) I miss you sister.

  2. Tash

    Coffee and tea – staple English diet. I drink way too much and I’m in the Caribbean. Go figure. Can’t get the English out of me. Friends ask: “Tea? It’s too damn hot outside for tea”

    I can just picture the scene with the hand dryer – those things never work. I once saw one that had the instructions on the metal panel:
    1. Shake excess water off hands
    2. Press button
    3. Rub hands gently together under warm air

    and someone had scratched in:

    “4. Wipe hands on pants.”

    Glad you had a good time. Sure sounds like Jane did. and those pancakes were a hit with her.


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