Good News!

Ian is coming to America … just in time for Christmas!   I’m excited to have him here, in the place that I’ve been telling him about for so long.     We’re busily plotting our Christmas dinner and where he wants to go and things we want to see.  

This will be the first time TLK has met Ian, and I know they’ll interact famously.    

And I’m sure the dogs will not be willing to let him out the door.  I can see us coming home, and they’re jumping on him instead of me.  hehe     🙂

8 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Lisa Post author

    Brennig – Yes, it’s going to be fun!

    Gem – LOL… I’m counting down sire’s birthday first. 🙂

    Ian/Sire – I love that song. The Proclaimers rock! 🙂

    PJB – Thank you! It feels good to have everyone routing us on. 🙂

  2. Silverback

    Will it be his first time in the US of A ?

    I remember my first Christmas in America……Georgia to be precise. SUCH a difference in many ways and especially in regards to food.

    Where was the turkey ? What were black eyed peas ? Grits ? Collard Greens ? It was a whole new world.

    Appropriate really !

    But how exciting for you both. Can’t wait to find out about it all.

  3. Lisa

    Cady – That it is! 🙂 Have you been overseas? If not, you should really go. I hear Paris is wonderful, as well. 🙂

    SB – Ah… you had a Southern Christmas. 🙂 Grits and collard greens are wonderful things. What did you have instead of turkey?

    btw, not Ian’s first time in America… but the first time in Omaha. We’re hoping for snow (but not on the tarmack).

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