Ian’s Dog

This has become “Ian’s Dog”.   Why?   Because she is getting ornery in her old(er) age.

This morning, I let the dogs outside on their leads.   Miss Ginger requires a run at least once a day, but since we just got a newsletter saying “keeping your dogs on a lead is required”, I thought I would.

She was having none of this.  She wouldn’t pee.   I told her, “Alright then.   Let’s go inside.”   She stood there,  defiant, really, and stared at me.

“Let’s go”, I instructed, as I gently tugged on her lead.   She pulled back.   “Oh really,” I said.

Understanding that she probably DID need to go to the bathroom, I took her for a walk around the backyard, hitting all the areas where she loves to pee or poop.


“Let’s go, then.”   She followed me this time.   I made the mistake of letting her off the lead just outside the door. Can you say, “Goodbye Ginger!”?   I thought you could.

She took off running, hundreds of yards away.     A few minutes later, she came charging back, like a mad hatter, and ran inside the house.

This was all after I lost my balance in the yard and fell down in the mud.

You can laugh now.  🙂

Later, I talked to Ian on Skype.    “I have a bone to pick with you…   Your dog is being unruly.  Yes, it IS your dog. ”   lol    🙂


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