This week..

Last week, I decided I finally needed a way to make coffee (and tea), so I shopped Amazon and bought an electric tea kettle and a french press.   🙂

My boyfriend was nice enough to finish setting up my domain for me tonight.   I may be moving my blog in the near future, when we have time to get it sorted (it IS moving week, after all… office moving… not house moving.. and I’ll be working some long hours, supposedly).    Anyone who’s been around me for awhile will be used to my blog address changing.    🙂    Now that I have my own domain, you should be able to at least readily find me.

My job for office moving week is helping to pack up computers at the current facility and unpack them when they arrive at the new facility.    The new facility is ULTRA nice.. it will make all the other non-profits jealous, I think.  🙂   My cubicle is the best.. it’s on the aisle and has a glass wall facing the help desk.   The surface areas and cabinets are all new-looking and I have a paper sorting thing on my wall.   🙂

I can’t wait.  Three more days of working in the leaky building 1/2 hour from where I live to working in the nice building a few minutes from where I live.   No more interstate driving.   🙂


2 thoughts on “This week..

  1. punctuation

    Very nice! Oh look a proper kettle and coffee press. 🙂

    It’s going to be good not having that drive to work every day and the new offices look SO much better than the old ones.

    Do you know the funny thing about your kettle? It says “liters” spelt in an American spelling on the side, which, of course, is a metric measurement you guys don’t use – and in the UK, where we do use them we spell the word “litres”. Life is odd. 🙂


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