My Mission Statements

I will remind myself that all people deserve my respect because they are deserving of compassion, consideration, and dignity.

I will look for something good to do for someone or something everyday, unprompted.

I will counteract any negative or self-deprecating thoughts or feelings with something positive.

I will abide by my own values, instead of following others, in order to increase my feeling of living with dignity and integrity.

I will show my family and friends that I value them by keeping in touch.

I will ask my child an important question at least weekly and listen to/respond to her answer.

I will TAKE MORE RISKS  and give myself permission to be real.   I know that I do not need to be younger, thinner, wealthier or more successful for people to like me, love me or care about me.     I am enough as I am.


3 thoughts on “My Mission Statements

  1. punctuation

    * You will remind yourself that item one is a good thing to do. You will also be aware that some of the people you are about to respect may be psychologically imbalanced whilst giving out every appearance of the opposite, accordingly you will exercise caution. You will remember that these people do not necessarily look or smell like hobos – some wear suits and smell lovely. 🙂

    * You will do one good thing for YOURSELF every day, no matter how small.

    * You will not be hard on yourself if you do not keep in touch as brilliantly as you might expect and will remind yourself that to err is human and that basically you are a GOOD person. (no, really, you are).

    * You will convince your child that all the denim jeans in the world are made by one family in Norway. You will not tell her the truth until she is 21. This is to show her that “mommy is not always right”. Just after you tell her this you will shout “suckerrrr” and say “I really did it to show you that YOU’RE not always right”. This will be invaluable because when she reaches 21 she will be convinced that she knows everything and that you have always been old and doddery. Trust me. 🙂

  2. Lisa Post author

    1. Excellent point. I think the hobos are the nice ones, actually. Most of the time, anyway.

    2. Deal, as long as you do the same.

    3. Umm.. you know me too well. And thank you. The feeling is mutual (really).

    4. Yes, I like convincing TLK of odd things. She’s going to be a little messed up by the time she’s 21. Can you see her at school saying, “Yeah.. those jeans were made in Norway. My mum said. No, wait, that was Ian, and he is ALWAYS right.” lol

  3. Vivek Patwardhan

    Putting one’s mission statement in full public view requires courage. I respect you for being so courageous, such courage comes only out of conviction.

    I read all statements carefully. This post will stay on my mind for a long time surely. The statement that I will not forget is the last one …..’I am enough as I am’. This is a deep one. I will be thinking about it for quite sometime.

    It is not enough to say that I have developed respect for you, I must also say that you are indeed different!

    Enjoyed reading your blog,


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