The Narrowboat Tour

I am fascinated by canal boats, and Ian had the brilliant idea to go to the canal boat museum.

We walked through the museum itself (fascinating.. you must go, if you can), then walked down the canal, where a man and his wife were about to turn their canal boat around in the canal.

It was fun to see them maneuver their boat in the canal.  Afterwards, they headed through a long tunnel (about 1.5 miles, if I remember correctly, and I may not).

Walking along the footpath, we found blackberries (yum) and talked about poisonous berries vs. the berries you can make wine out of (don’t confuse the two).    

It was SO much fun!    

I think that one day, I fancy a vacation involving a canal boat, a handsome British poet and TLK.

I am not a poet

One night, late at night, whilst we were waiting to make a phone call to the US to TLK, Ian sat down at the computer desk and said, “Right. Let’s write a poem together.”

Step 1: Figure out what you’re writing about
Step 2: Brainstorm words
Step 3: Decide if you’re wanting to rhyme or not.  And where.   
Step 4: (I am probably leaving a lot out, but) Write down the poem

Uhhh… Honey? Did you fix that poem? hehe

Hi. I do not write poetry. But I know someone who does.


(look down… there is another post for today)

Day 3: Meeting Gem and Fletch

So, back to the bouncy, happy woman.   We shall call her “Jane”.   Or, you could call her my sister, since she seems to be every bit of what I’ve always said she is:  My sister.     Upon arrival at their lovely flat, we met Fletch, who was exactly who I imagined he’d be, as well (funny how this Internet thing works, innit?)

We talked for awhile, then headed to a nice local pub for Leffe.    Leffe.    What can I say?   Leffe goes down smooth.   It goes down smooth x4.   The light german beer inbetween just makes you want more Leffe.

Can you say “toasted”?   I thought you could!

After too many Leffe’s and some pistachios and cashews, we went to an Indian curry house, where I asked Ian to order for me (lamb bhuna) and then Jane and I attempted to use the ladies room.    I could not walk a straight line at this point, or stop laughing.   I washed my hands and attempted to use the hand dryer, which we could not figure out.    Finally, Jane got it working, so I used it for .. oh… 2 seconds, and was ready to go.

After dinner, Jane and I walked back in the rain whilst the guys picked up snacks.    Somehow, I ended up drinking a glass of wine, got a headache and decided that Leffe was not good for me, to the extent that  I have sworn off Leffe.  Although I will always remember it’s very smooth taste.   Good Belgian beer.   🙂

In the morning, I made pancakes, after the guys went out for supplies and Jane made us coffee.     What is

fun about British households is that coffee and tea always seem to be readily available.   At home, I can go ages without drinking a thing, but we were always picking between coffee and tea.

Anyway, the pancakes seemed to live up to expectations.

After awhile, we headed off to Cambridge, for a tour of the city.   The city was amazing, full of students returning to school and people wandering through shops and coffee houses.    The architecture was ancient, by American standards, the company was wonderful and I think I can safely say we all had a great time.

I Can Rite Blogz

Ok.   The whirlwind tour of England, which was actually for a week, but seemed more like an hour and 1/2.   🙂

Day 1 – This was a day of travel.   The dogs had been dropped at the kennel.  The child had been dropped at her father’s, and I headed for the airport 2 hours in advance.  I was frazzled.   I couldn’t find the airport.    The construction around the area had eliminated a few signs indicating the logical route to the airport.

Ok.   Who has taken the airport?   Oh.   There it is!

I parked in far-away parking and rode the shuttle to the airport, checked in my luggage and waited for the plane to leave.      Ian and Jane were texting me all along.    So exciting.   I am leaving the COUNTRY!

Day 2 – Starts at 6am when the plane lands in London, having not slept most of the overnight flight (but tried).    I notice the directional traffic differences from the air, the fact that the sun is rising already (it’s midnight my time) and then….. it occurs to me… “OMG!  Ian is in the airport, waiting for me!”

I proceded through security after speaking to a very thorough border patrol agent.

My luggage was immediately available.  I grabbed it and headed for the restroom, since I’d needed to “go” for the last 45 minutes.   LOL     Eventually, I found the correct customs line and proceded without incident (or person to talk to) in a matter of seconds.

I spotted the man in the Spider Pig shirt.   He was EXACTLY what I expected.    He smiled at me and said, “You’re just as perfect as I imagined you’d be.”     We shared a hug and kiss, he grabbed my suitcase and we started walking… smiling at each other.    We talked about how bizarre it was that I was actually there, then I grabbed his hand and it was off to find the car.

We took a long country route home.   I saw loads of old architecture and deer, as my handsome tour guide began to describe what I was seeing.   Part-way through, the jet lag started to hit me.   I felt nauseous, especially on the round-a-bouts… many, many round-a-bouts.

We spent some of day 2 going through Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, looking for various items for my personal chef to cook!

We slept for awhile.   We called Jane to say “HELLO!” (as we say it to each other) and we arranged for Day 3, visiting Jane and Fletch.

Day 3:   Saturday in the market.   We don’t have many (if any) open air markets where I’m from, especially filled with Indian food, fresh fish, clothing, and especially my handsome British tour guide.

After walking through the market, we walked through the shopping mall, looked around at various things, found Butterfinger candybars and returned home.     Soon after, we took off to meet Jane and Fletch, where some really bouncy woman met us in the parking lot, very excited to see us, and very much like I imagined.

I’ll leave you with these photos for now.   More to post on Day 3 later.  🙂

The meat and cheese case in the market
My handsome tour guide 😉
Lots of interesting/fresh fruits and vegetables

Living in England

… just temporarily, evidentially.   🙂    The flight went well, and 12 hours (4 of them in the airport) seemed to pass quickly.   Well, except for the 4 hours in the airport.

Border control was interesting, but I was prepared.   Thanks to Ian.

You’re travelling alone?  Yes

The purpose for your visit?   Holiday

Do you have family here?   No, just friends

Is there a reason you’re here now, rather than any other time?  No, just holiday from work

What do you do for a living?   Technical support; I run a help desk

For anyone in particular?  Yes, (my company’s name)

How much money do you have with you?   xxx pounds and some credit cards

How are you leaving the airport today?    A friend is picking me up

[stamps passport]

“Enjoy your holiday in the UK”

Where then I lollygagged getting my luggage, took a long-needed bathroom break and went to find the lovely man in the Spider Pig shirt.

Last night, moroccan chicken… to die for.   And lots of sangria.

Please excuse my Vulcan ears and floppy clown feet

I’m off to London in the morning.    I’m excited!    My camera is packed.   The passport and boarding passes are ready to go.   

Everything is arranged.

By this time tomorrow, I will be just a few hours away from London.     It’s going to be amazing.   Ian’s going to be up ultra-early to pick me up and Gem is going to be waiting by the phone (ok, and by her computer) to hear the plane has landed, and that I’ve arrived safely.  

I’ll be the one with the pointy green ears and the floppy clown feet.   🙂

Nebraska Humane Society – Walk for the Animals

“The Animals Need Your Help”.    Every day, the Nebraska Humane Society takes in homeless animals and hopes to place them in “forever homes”; cats, dogs, pocket pets, all sorts.    The animals who find their way here and are in good enough shape to be adopted are placed in the adoption area until they are adopted.

Not all pets are suitable for the adoption program, sadly, due to pet demeanor and/or the acts (sometimes) of humans, sometimes acting, they feel, in the best interests of pets (an example being a slighly “off” woman who collected homeless cats.. to the point where the house was full of cats and she couldn’t find a way to feed them all).   Sometimes not.

The Humane Society does a good job.   When, for example, loads of cats are brought in from a slighly “off” woman’s house, they make a plea on the news for supplies.     People from around the area buy loads of cat food and whatever else they need and deliver it to them.

At the last minute, I decided walking my dogs for a good cause was a good idea.   I walked with my daughter and some people from work.    There were 100’s of dogs there!     It was a bit of work not to get entangled with other dogs and baby strollers.     By the time I got home, I was exhausted!    But in every way, this was a good experience; a good way to get some exercise, and a good way to meet LOTS of dogs.

Speaking of animals at the Humane Society, my mother will be appalled, but I have my eye on a domestic rat whose name is Oreo.   We saw Oreo today, but he was sleeping at the time.     I’ll be interested to go in there sometime without the dogs and see what Oreo is like.   I’m not sure I can get a rat, but they look pretty cute.


A Week From Today

I will be on a plane en route to London.    🙂    The first leg of my trip was changed today, so that I leave earlier than anticipated.  Yay!     I have a few hours in the airport before taking off on the long part of the flight.     I’ve never been on a plane for 7 hours before.   This ought to be interesting.  I know.. I should be sleeping through it.    I’m thinking about getting some Benedryl to help me sleep.   I have Ambien, but the thought of taking a hypnotic on an international flight amongst people I don’t know…. not such a good idea, IMO.

I hope that the air traffic computer system is repaired by then.   😀   

My friend, Lori, invited me to lunch the Saturday I’m going to be gone.  I told her it was a tough choice, but I would have to meet her some other time.